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2015 BMW i8 1.5 L 3-Cylinder Engine 357 hp @ 5800 rpm 0-60 in 3.8 S Hybrid Sports Vehicle

2015 BMW i8

This beautiful 2015 BMW i8 came to Convenience Collision back in 2015 when it was brand spanking new. The owner needed a reputable BMW repair center he could trust with his vehicle freshly rolled off the lot. It had taken some damage to the driver’s side quarter panel and was in need of experienced hands to appropriately handle a hybrid sports car repair.

Sophisto Grey Metallic

The repairs were performed to OEM specifications and the vehicle’s color – C23 Sophisto Grey Metallic, which would normally present a sizable challenge to most body shops, was an easy match using BASF’s Glasurit Waterborne line – our preferred painting solution. While some shops may shy away from using Waterborne products, Convenience Collision chooses to use Glasurit’s 90-Line because it is environmentally safer, adds depth to the finish, and is a BMW approved paint line.

In addition to matching the color, an added car was needed when disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. Due to being a hybrid vehicle, certain measures must be followed in order to maintain circuitry integrity and ensure no electrical problems arise during disassembly, repairs, refinish and reassembly.

Convenience Collision is proud to serve their customers in the best way possible and honored to be trusted to work on vehicle’s of such grand magnitude. We are grateful to be in this position and continually work to earn our customer’s trust and admiration. This 2015 BMW i8 is a prime example of the type of work Convenience Collision has built up in it’s 20-plus years in business.