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Know Your Rights

You don’t know what you don’t know.

At Convenience Collision, Inc. we believe in providing an education to our clients. After suffering a loss to your vehicle, it is important to understand that as a consumer, you have rights. We are a consumer oriented facility and as such, we understand that working with a body shop may be a less than endearing task. We believe in you- our clients, which is why we have dedicated this portion of our website to your education and empowerment. We have compiled these documents for you so that you can be sure you are not being taken advantage of by your insurance company. Read below to learn more about your rights. For your convenience, we have taken the liberty of highlighting various segments from the documents below to highlight some key points.

PA Code 301.5As a repair facility dedicated to our clients, there are certain expectations that we must abide by. These expectations have been made into law to ensure that we are following our government’s requirements for providing our clients with the best care possible. We have highlighted Sections 3( i), (ii), (iii) and Sections 4 (i), (iii), and (iv).

PA Code 146 – Unfair Insurance Practices – What can you expect from your insurance company? We have highlighted section 146.8 for you. This section and code outlines what you are entitled to from your Insurance Company.

PA Code 62 – Motor Vehicle Physical Damage Appraisers There are the standards set out to ensure you are receiving a proper appraisal of your vehicle after it’s sustained a loss. We have highlighted Section 62.3, portions 11.3-11.6, which discusses your right to utilize your preferred repair facility.

The Appraiser’s Act – This act was made to ensure that the appraiser for your insurance claim is following the rules and standard set forth by the government. We have highlighted Section 11, a description of what must be on each and every estimate written by an appraiser.

NJ Administrative Code – This code is specific to vehicles insured in the state of New Jersey. These are the laws for NJ to ensure that we and your insurance provider are following the government’s requirements to provide our clients with the best care.